Student center: There is a student clinic in the student center on the main campus, room 237. You can make an appointment in person or by calling 08-6283777 (press 1 at recorded message). If you have trouble with Hebrew, the receptionist there also speaks English and is very helpful. Also, if it's a weekday, regardless of who your primary physician is if you really need something fast such as antibiotics the student clinic can 'override' not being your primary physician and get you prescriptions. This can be useful if your physician can't see you right away. A male gynecologist (Dr Furma Boris) is available Tuesdays from 13:00-15:30.
House call via Harel: Please contact the National Call Center of Harel Insurance Company 1-800-414-422. Tell the representative your Harel policy number and your Clalit card number. This service is provided free of charge 24 hours a day. If you are too sick to attend an exam or other mandatory event, the school will not be very flexible with you unless you have a note from a doctor. If you are too sick to go see a doctor, request a house call to obtain a note exempting you from class.

Night-time Medical Center: Bikur Rofe, 9 Ben Zvi St. (2nd floor of ‘Lev HaCity’ building, opposite the central train station) Phone 08-665-5559 Sun-Thurs 5:00PM-8:00AM next day Fri 4:00PM-11:50PM Saturday 10:00PM-8:00AM next day. You will be asked for a fee of approximately 80 NIS per visit. Ask the doctor’s summary of the visit and a receipt for payment. Not refundable. You should try the Harel house call first.
Rabies: Rabies is rare but not unheard of in this region. Rabies shots are only given via the Ministry of Health, located in the Kiryat HaMemshala building downtown.

If you are sick on Shabbat: Harel's health insurance provides for home visits on Shabbat. If you are sick on Shabbat, Friday evening to Saturday evening, and go to one of the few open clinics, you will have to pay out of pocket, so don’t do it. Instead, you can call the Harel dispatch (see below) and they will send a doctor to your house. Often, the visiting doctor will write a referral to the Emergency Room (Hebrew: Miyun). Without the referral, going to the ER on Shabbat might incur a fee depending on how urgent your illness is deemed. While pharmacies will not be open to fill any meds the doc might prescribe, home doctors carry limited supplies of meds to tide you over until a pharmacy is open. The dispatch (National Call Center for Harel) number is found in the Harel guide, or here: 1-800-414-422. There is no additional charge for home visits.