You can buy almost anything here, but you may find the variety and availability of particular brands is lacking.

You may find this Map of B7 handy

Shopping centers:

  1. The BIG - The major retail center of Beer Sheva. Clothes, groceries, restaurants, furniture, household items, books, pharmacy, hardware, bowling, etc. Some stores open on Shabbat. Location: Derech Hevron, about 1.5km east of Rager/Shazar
  2. One Plaza - Newer, more upscale version of the BIG. Lots of clothing, eateries, and Globus Max movie theater. Location: Derech Hevron (across from the BIG)
  3. Sderah Shivit - aka 7th Avenue Mall. This is where the expensive import clothing is sold. Ralph Lauren Polo, Abercrombie, Top Shop, many others. Very pleasant, also has cafés. Location: Derech Hevron, hidden between the BIG and Tiv Ta’am
  4. The Old City (Kakal, Hertzel, HaHalutz streets) Lots of variety, many family owned businesses, good prices.
  5. Kanyon HaNegev Mall - typical indoor mall (great A/C in the summer) Large selection of Israeli & European clothing brands. Many kinds of stores, food court. Location: Rager/Derech Eilat next to the Central Bus Station.
  6. Grand Kanyon - Advertised as “The 2nd Biggest Mall in the Middle East” Lots of stores for clothing, electronics, and even a grocery store. Location: Tuviyahu and Metsada, West Side of Town

Household Items

  1. In the fall, don't forget about the AMSA sale as a great place to get household goods from other MSIH students, particularly departing upperclassmen. Typical inventory includes kitchen items, bedding, towels, office chairs, housewares, decorations etc. Prices are usually cheap, and some stuff will be free.
  2. HomeCenter: Also in the BIG, full of household items, kind of like a bed bath and beyond. Open on Shabbat
  3. ACE Hardware: In the BIG complex. Has all household essentials and furniture. Open on Shabbat.
  4. Fox Home, Golf & Co for fashionable housewares & bedding.
  5. Friday morning market in the Old City Rabin Square/Kakal St has cheap housewares.
  6. There are lots of small shops in the old city. Go wander around for a day!
  7. The Akademon Student Store (basement of the Student Center, bldg. 70) on the BGU campus is surprisingly useful and well-priced for school supplies, electronics, toiletries, etc.
  8. IKEA - Located in Rishon LeTziyon (near the airport). Some students rent/borrow a car and make a big trip to get furniture.

School Supplies

  1. The Akademon Student Store
  2. Lee Office north of the BGU campus on Rager St
  3. Office Depot at the BIG center or at Kanyon HaNegev Mall
  4. Nice stationary shop in Gimel on HaShalom/Arlozeroff across from the post office


  1. Don't forget about the AMSA book room as a place to find textbooks
  2. The lounge on the 6th floor has bookshelves full of free books, mostly in English
  3. Steimatsky’s and Tzomet Seferim are Israel’s main bookstore chains
    1. Main Campus - attached to Aroma Café (bldg. 74)
    2. Soroka - just inside the Metsada entrance to the hospital (near security station)
    3. Kanyon HaNegev Mall
    4. The BIG - adjacent to Siesta Café
    5. Sderah Shivit (7th Ave)
    6. Grand Kanyon

Most have sections for English books, including travel guides (but they’re expensive!)

Athletic, camping, sports, and outdoor equipment

  1. Aluf Sport in the BIG, 08-6654726
  2. Another sports store adjacent to Globus Max movie theater in the One Plaza
  3. Ricochet - in the BIG across from FOX and Golf & Co.
  4. L’Metayel – under Keren Towers near Gong


  1. The major bike store is in the Old City at HaHalutz/Smilansky; new & used bikes.
  2. Aluf Sport Bike Shop at the BIG 08-6654726
  3. TREK has a factory store on Derech Hevron (industrial zone/flour mill) 1-599-500-689, 08-623-7988
  4. Schuna Bet: Off of Bialik near the produce market. Has small selection new and used bikes. Great service, very friendly.
  5. Schuna Dalet: In Merkaz HaNegev off Metsada St. (behind Bank Leumi)

Health food stores

  1. Adjacent to Mega at the BIG
  2. Beer Teva - on the side of the Leonardo Hotel


  1. Machsani Hashmal near McDonalds at the BIG
  2. Office Depot (Locations at the BIG and Kanyon HaNegev)
  3. BUG Electronics store at Kanyon HaNegev or Sderah Shivit (7th Ave)
  4. Big Box at the One Plaza

Cell Phone carriers

  • Cellcom, Orange, Pelephone, Golan Telecom
  1. The closest branches are at Kanyon HaNegev Mall on Rager
  2. Main Branches at the BIG where you can buy a phone/plan and go for service.
  3. Cellcom - near Golf & Co; Orange & Pelephone - near Eden/Interpool

Pharmacy locations:
Main article: Pharmacies

  1. Super pharm Derech HaMeshahrerim (near the stadium, open 7 days until 00:30am)
  2. Super pharm The BIG
  3. Super pharm Kanyon HaNegev (open till 23:30 S-T, ‘til 17:00 Fri, closed Saturday )
  4. New-Pharm One Plaza
  5. New-Pharm Sderah Shivit
  6. Kupat Holim (HMO/Insurance) Pharmacies (prescriptions only)- Most Clalit clinics have pharmacies attached
  7. Soroka - adjacent to Coffee Time in the Old Surgical building (near cafeteria) – open during hospital visiting hours
  8. Kupat Holim Gimel – 8:00-13:00, 16:00-19:00

Mattresses & Beds
Used mattresses & beds are very commonly advertised online for great prices
Buying new? Prices for a double (140x190 cm standard size here) range from 900-4000 NIS, frames start at 300 NIS for a basic model, delivery is ~150 NIS.
Mattress stores are scattered throughout the city, including several at the BIG

  1. HaMizronayim (Sderot Shazar 21, tel. 08-623-4028)
    • Same day/next day delivery, overly friendly salesman (Moshe)
    • If you leave the plastic on, you can exchange it within a few days.

Photos, art & framing and crafts

  1. Photo Campus – BGU bldg. 70 basement. Prints, passport pics, frames, supplies
  2. Fotoshop (Kanyon HaNegev Mall)
  3. Leon Digital (HaHalutz/Stern, Old City)
  4. Custom Framing - reasonable prices for custom glass/wood frames, all sizes.
  5. Corner of HaAtzmaut/Mordei HaGetaot in the Old City.
  6. HobbyLi (Henrietta Szold and Rager in Gimel)- A hobby store for most of your DIY needs.
  7. Baking/Party Supplies - located a few stores next to HobbyLi in the mall on the north east corner of Henrietta Szold and Rager in Gimel.

Pro tip: Tax is included. Everything is subject to a 18% sales tax, which is already included in the printed prices you’ll see in stores (no tax surprises at the register, which applies to restaurants too).

Pro tip: Certain imported items, such as some electronics, American/European goods, etc. are very expensive due to the import fees imposed.

Pro tip: Many stores offer a discount ‘Club Card’ (Hebrew: Cartis Moadon) that entitle holders to small discounts and special sales. Generally there is an upfront cost of about 60 NIS, but often the savings you recoup in a single large purchase justifies this. The cards are tied to your ID number (Hebrew: Teudat Zeut) so you don’t have to carry them at all times - just give the cashier your ID number at checkout. Sometimes, students share cards. Popular cards: Eden Teva Market, Mega, Tiv Ta’am (Note: Eden has been cracking down on card sharing.)

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