• Leumi - There is a bank Leumi on Metsada street. Their hours are 8:30-14:00 on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday; 8:30-13:00 and 16:00-18:15 on Monday and Thursday, and closed on Friday and Saturday.
  • Hapoolim - Bank located on the main campus at the student center. They can only process two foreign accounts a day, so don't go as a group. Open Sun, Tues, Weds from 8:30-13:15, Mon or Thurs from 8:30-1:00 and 4:00-6:30pm, and closed on Friday and Saturday.

Beauty and grooming

  • Haircuts: Many options all over town! Yaniv Shriki. Speaks English. Very nice. 050-780-6800 or 08-627-0494. Prices: 40-50 NIS for guys and ~100 NIS for girls. Location: ground floor in the small mall near the courthouse. Also, Beber (Hebrew only, 30 NIS) in Merkaz Gilat (Dalet) is good, Itamar (Metsada St.) and Yuval Haddad (Sderah Shivit Mall) get good reviews.
  • Beauty salon/laser hair removal: Miri salon is very popular with BGU students. It is located at the intersection of Rager and Ben Gurion. They offer manis/pedis/facials and laser hair removal, which runs about 1/3 of the cost compared to the US. 08-649-9717.
  • Laser hair removal clinic: Inside the Kanyon HaNegev Mall. Has become popular with students - The place is called CARE. Students have arranged treatments with an employee named Lilach who can be reached at 050-309-5569 or at li.oc.erac|nerok.hcalil#li.oc.erac|nerok.hcalil. She is extremely nice and speaks English. The general number to CARE is 08-6282233
  • Mani/pedi: Quick (15 min each). you can visit Laka Express in the HaNegev (Canyon) Mall on Rager and David Tuviyahu Avenue, across from Central Bus Station. It’s a kiosk on the second story of the mall and does a really great job that lasts for at least a week.

Computer Repair:
If your computer is under warranty and requires service, it will likely need to be sent back to the States or to specific repair shops, Mac & PC alike. However, for computers out of warranty, there are many PC repair shops in Beer Sheva. There is an Apple store in Tel Aviv and a third party company (iDigital) in Be’er Sheva but in general, getting a Mac repaired may be considerably harder.

  • For PC:
    • Medical faculty computer technicians (PC only). You can go to them with any problems and they can often fix it or at least diagnose you and send you on to a larger computer service store. They generally don't charge for service and most kinds of software- you could save hundreds of dollars by coming here first! Location: Faculty Building (where you have all your computer lab sessions). The office is located on the 1st floor, down a small corridor behind the main elevator. Contact: Shimon (very nice, good English): 08-647-7398
    • Ivory- One of the largest computer service companies in Israel. Two locations in Beer Sheva: 21 Shazaar Ave, Beit Noam and one in the Grand Kanyon. They provide service and also computer parts.
  • For Mac:
    • iDigital- The Apple-certified store in Be’er Sheva ( will honor international warranties but may charge fees anyway. The authorized apple distributor who owns iDigital is Both pages require using Chrome to translate.

Copying, printing and scanning
There are several types of photocopy cards which are available from ASRN (BGU medical school students association) as well as at Student House, Main Campus (Beit HaStudent). Photocopying machines may be found in the following locations:

  • Basement, Faculty of Health Sciences – use your ASRN plastic card
  • Pathology Building (3rd floor) – use your ASRN plastic card
  • Medical Library – use your student ID card or the plastic library card
  • Zalman Aranne (Main) Library – use your student ID card
  • Student House, basement – use student ID card
  • There is also a Copy Center located right by the University and the hospital, were you can get all your photocopying needs done. ASRAN can provide you with a discounted service at this location on bulk photocopies, professional posters, and other big photocopying jobs.

There's a fax machine in the Caroline office. If you need to receive something by fax, you can send it to the office fax number: (+972) 8-647-9856

Key copying

  • Ace Hardware - BIG center, 8 nis per key
  • Small hardware shop - Northwest corner of Hashalom and Arlozorov in Gimmel


  • The Student Dormitories in Me’onot Gimmel and Me’onot Dalet have coin operated laundry machines that are available daily at minimal cost to students (9 nis to run the washer, 8 nis to run the dryer), but we do not have card access so you need to ask someone to let you in.
  • Bouyot laundromat does full laundry service charged 9 nis per kilogram.
  • Dry Cleaning: Rafi’s, located across from Roladin and the driveway to Tiv Ta’am on Derech Haebron.

Getting mail
You can have letters or packages sent to you very conveniently at Caroline House using this address:

Your name
C/o Medical School for International Health
Faculty of Health Sciences
Caroline House, 3rd Floor
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Be’er Sheva 84105
Tel: (+972-8) 647-9909

Tailoring: There is a seamstress in the Negev mall (next to Castro on the ground floor). Her name is Ludmila and her number is 050-849-7906. There is another in the One Plaza behind the McDonalds (upstairs).

Passport photos

  • Photo Campus (photography shop) and Academon (university supplies) are located in the basement of Student House(Beit HaStudent). Opening hours are: Sun. – Thurs. 8.30-18.30; Fri. 8.30-13.00.

Post office
The post office is useful for paying bills as well as mailing letters, but be prepared to take a number and wait.

  • Small office on the main university campus
  • Large central post office located on Rager