Christian Congregations

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  • Roman Catholic (Hebrew and English)

Meetings: Monday-Saturday at 6:30pm, Sundays at 6:15pm
Location: 51 HaShalom St. (near the corner of Arlosorov and HaShalom)

  • Nachalat Yeshua Messianic Congregation (Hebrew w/ Eng., Russian, and Spanish translations)

Meetings: Friday service and Lord’s supper at 5:30pm on the 1st Friday of the month, Saturday at 10:30 am (winter); summer services will be at 5:30pm or 10:30am, ask the student contact.
Location: 15 HaAvot St, Old City (near Lola Café)

  • Protestant (Spanish-Speaking)

Location: Herzl, Old City
Contact: Pastor Javier (He doesn’t speak English that well) - (054) 398-0383
There is an English speaking student group that meets on weekdays.
moc.liamg|puorgtneduts7b#moc.liamg|puorgtneduts7b - Anthony (leader of group): 054-623-8221

Jewish Synagogues

There is no shortage of synagogues in Beer Sheva, and you can easily find one in any neighborhood. Most synagogues are orthodox, and egalitarian services are hard to find. Listed below are a few options that have been popular with MSIH students.

  • Kehillat Beerot:

Meets at 6:30 on Friday night (for summers; winter they meet shortly after candle lighting) and 8:00am on Saturday, as well as on holidays at Beit Yatziv at HaAtzmaut 79.
The community is a mix of Americans and Israelis, couples with children, and single people. Services are “partnership style”, where men and women sit separately, and women and men each lead certain parts of the service. Contact:
Gabe Axler - moc.liamg|relxaebag#moc.liamg|relxaebag, 052-522-3601
Emily Shapiro-Katz - moc.liamg|ztakoripahsylime#moc.liamg|ztakoripahsylime, 054-953-5651.

  • Young Israel

located off of Bialik, on HaSoferim St.
located in Hey neighborhood, on HaTzvi St. Orthodox, many English speakers.

  • Rambam Synagogue:

located in Hey Neighborhood on She’ar Yashuv Street, also Orthodox with many English speakers.
One of the only Nusach Ashkenaz synagogues in Beer Sheva.

  • Fruchter

Located on HaMeshachrerim St. near the corner of Bialik. This is a more eastern European “Shtiebel.” Small but homey.

  • Jeff Seidel Beersheva

Jewish study group that has weekly classes (with food), occasional shabbat dinners, and annual international trips
Check the facebook page for details