Rav Kav: Student discounts exist for many train and bus routes. To get them, you have to have a rav kav smart card. To get a student rav kav, you have to have a letter of enrollment that will come from Gaby. Your student ID will not be enough to prove your student-ness. When you get the magic document, take it and your passport to either a mobile rav kav cart in a station or to the little building between the central bus station and the train station (Henkin 1). The little building is open Sundays - Thursdays, 08:30 to 15:30, moc.nadortem|ofni#moc.nadortem|ofni, or *5100 You can load all your tickets onto the rav kav and get around public transport with quick swipes. A regular RavKav can be converted to a student RavKav at any time.