If your insurance is through Harel, you can choose any Clalit clinic as your “home clinic.” There is one in just about every neighborhood (see List of Clalit clinics). If you go to the clinic in person, they will assign you a doctor (ask for one who speaks English- many of them do). Ideally you should register at a clinic before you are sick, but if you don’t they will still help you. Once you have selected a clinic and family doctor (all primary care providers are called Family Doctors here) you will need to officially “transfer your folder” to switch to another clinic or another family doctor but the reception desk of the clinic will help you with this. Soon after you arrive, you’ll receive information about your insurance plan from Harel representatives, they’ll explain all the following in greater detail.

How to make an appointment: You can make an appointment by calling the phone number for your clinic (below), or by dialing *2700 for primary care or 08-629-2727 for a specialist. If you are having trouble with this, Gaby Koren in the MSIH office can help you.

When you get to the clinic: Arrive about 10 minutes early, but be prepared to wait. There may be an automated check in station or you may have to talk to the receptionist. To use the automated machine, swipe your clalit card, and press the button indicating that you have an appointment (yesh li tor). Alternatively, go to the reception desk, hand them your insurance card, and ask for a “petek amit.” This is a form your doctor will need in order to see you. Then go sit outside the room where your doctor works. You may need to ask other patients waiting there what time their appointments are to establish your place in line, as there will be no obvious line, and the doctor will not call your name. If no one is in line, knock on the door, and the doctor will call you as soon as s/he is available.