Prescriptions covered by the health insurance basket (sal habriyut) are covered for free. These can be picked up without copay at pharmacies attached to Clalit clinics. When getting a prescription, you may specifically want to ask for something covered by the basket.

In contrast, if you pick up a prescription at a commercial pharmacy like a supersol, there's a 15 nis copay.

  1. Super pharm Derech HaMeshahrerim (near the stadium, open 7 days until 00:30am)
  2. Super pharm The BIG
  3. Super pharm Kanyon HaNegev (open till 23:30 S-T, ‘til 17:00 Fri, closed Saturday )
  4. New-Pharm One Plaza
  5. New-Pharm Sderah Shivit
  6. Kupat Holim (HMO/Insurance) Pharmacies (prescriptions only)- Most Clalit clinics have pharmacies attached
  7. Soroka - adjacent to Coffee Time in the Old Surgical building (near cafeteria) – open during hospital visiting hours
  8. Kupat Holim Gimel – 8:00-13:00, 16:00-19:00