What is Open? It may seem like everything is closed, but that’s just not true. Here are the exceptions:

Stores: A few local convenience stores (Ba’Pina in Bet), Tiv Ta’am including its two restaurants, Ace Hardware & HomeCenter, Golf & Co, Office Depot, a few other stores at the BIG.

Restaurants: Coca, Midbar, Lola Café, Spaghettim, Irish Pub, Siesta Café, HaSifria, Kampai, PitPut (BIG location), Aroma Café (BIG location), Black Burger & Bar, Tiv Ta’am’s restaurants (Churrasco and Street Food),Yogurteria, Aldo’s, Glida Beer Sheva. Restaurants that deliver on Shabbat: Midbar & Dominos.

Bars & clubs: Many are open, though sometimes not until 9pm Friday, including Rozza, Einstein, Coca, Arlozerof 54, Baraka, HaSifria, Draft, Forum.

Activities: The Sport Center & pool, Globus Max movie theater, bowling, Interpool (billiards).

Study spaces: The Caroline House and Student Center (BGU main campus, building 70) are always open 24 hours. Cafés such as Lola are very popular Shabbat study locations.