For mental health services, the school offers a psychologist. Students can meet with Dr. Itzhak Lander (at no cost). He is best reached by text message at 054-435-7765. He can also be reached by email at li.ten.retni|eirral#li.ten.retni|eirral. His office is one block into the old city at Herzl 118, 2nd floor above Pitput (restaurant). Many students see him every year, sometimes sporadically (when the need arises) and sometimes at regular intervals. Generally, students have found him to be very helpful, but you might have to be persistent in getting in touch with him. Female counselors are also available through BGU's Woman's Centre which will offer our students subsidized rates. Those interested may call Nirit Segal at 08-647-7562 or 08-642-8369 [please leave a message] or via email:||mefmow. Initial assessment costs somewhere around 100NIS.

Students may also form support groups. Rooms for support groups can be requested through student council. For more options on counselors, etc., see the directory at