MADA is the primary ambulance service in Israel

The station is located at Sokolov 4 (Sokolow on google maps) near the Technical college

1. Register online

2. Schedule a training session at the station (preferably with at least 3 other people). Contact the training supervisor Gal Sofer moc.liamg|1refos.lag#moc.liamg|1refos.lag

3. Obtain (1) a note from a doctor that you are healthy and all set to work, and (2) a copy of your record of immunizations (including Hep B)

4. At the station, turn in your medical forms, pay the annual insurance fee (80 NIS), and pick up a uniform shirt (wear long pants, closed toed shoes)

5. Arrive at the station any time and inform dispatch that you have come for a ride along. They will assign you an ambulance!