Most neighborhoods (schuna) are named by letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Bet and Gimel, and, to a lesser extent, Dalet, are by far the most popular for MSIH students because of their proximity to Soroka/BGU, but there are students who live in other neighborhoods as well.

(1) Aleph: North of the Old City, south of Derech HaMeshahrerim
Walking time: 25-30 minute walk to class
Features: Great access to the Old City/downtown

(2) Bet: North of Derech HaMeshahrerim; south of Schuna Dalet (Derech Metsada); west of Rager
Walking time: 10-15 minutes
Features: On the corner of Shimoni and Bialik you will find excellent falafel, a small pizzeria, a bakery, a laundromat, and a small convenience store called Ba’Pina, which is open 7 days (even Shabbat) until midnight. For groceries, you can go to Super-Lev Market on Ben Yehuda St. This is a basic neighborhood supermarket, which has almost everything you need but not a huge selection. There is a fresh produce market just around the corner on Bialik near the roundabout, along with a mediocre pizza joint, another convenience store, bakery, and a small bicycle shop. The nearest major supermarket is Supersal Deal on Rager - about a 15-20 minute walk, or you can take bus #6. To the BIG/One Plaza, take bus #16. The bus is not necessarily faster than walking, just easier and air-conditioned.

(3) Gimel: South and east of the Soroka hospital; south of Sderot Ben Gurion; east of Rager
10-15 minute walk
Features: Close to Soroka and the Sports Center. There are a few shopping complexes in two sections of Gimel. One is on Wingate/Aleph-Lamed Zissu, where there is a fruit and vegetable stand, bakery, and small supermarket. Farther down at Wingate/HaShalom, there is a small supermarket open on Shabbat. There is another fruit stand on Arlozorov and HaShalom, along with a hardware store, bakery & shawarma. The HaOrgim supermarkets are a 15-20 minute walk from the center of Gimel. Supersal Deal is ~20 minutes.
To get to the CBS, Shuk, and Old City, you can take buses 4 and 5. For the BIG/One Plaza, take #16 or 26 from the Gimel Dorms.

(4) Dalet: North of Derech Metsada; west of Rager;
10-20 minute walk
Features: Cheaper rent, large Russian/immigrant population. At the corner of Avraham Avinu and David HaMelech streets is Merkaz Gilat, featuring a bakery, two vegetable markets, a small but well stocked supermarket, post office, and ATM. Further north, at the intersection of Rager and Avraham Avinu is the much larger Merkaz Oren, which includes a Bank HaPoalim, a Mega Supermarket, a Laundromat, pizza shops, falafel/shawarma, and more. In the southern part of Dalet, you can find an extensive produce market (cash only) on Rabbi Akiva St, as well as a bakery and convenience store. To get to the BIG/One Plaza, take bus #26. To the Old City, take #7 or 8.

(5) Dalet East: East of Rager; North of the BGU main campus;
15-20 minute walk
Features: Great access to BGU main campus; Close to Ringelbloom St;

(6) Hey: Northwest of the old city; south of Metsada
30-45 minutes, more of a bus distance
Features: Large Anglo observant Jewish community and good shuls

(7) Ramot: Northeast of BGU and the railroad
‘Lower’ Ramot ~15 min walk; ‘Upper’ Ramot ~35 min walk
Features: Really nice, clean neighborhood with much newer houses and apartments; Popular with families and pets