It is important to procure several letters of recommendation during third and fourth years.

Letters from third year clerkship rotations can come in handy in several ways:

  1. You might need them for certain elective applications
  2. They're used to build your Dean's Letter (aka Medical Student Performance Evaluation) for residency applications
  3. If you don't get better letters in time for residency applications, these letters can be used

Letters from electives during fourth year can be used for residency applications

  • Letters within your chosen specialty carry more weight than those outside of it
  • US letters carry more weight than international letters
  • Sub-internship letters carry more weight than regular clerkship letters
  • Although it is recommended to have four letters from different institutions, with our schedule there's no way to make that work. You will likely need more than one letter from your first couple of rotations.

Tips for getting a good letter

  1. Give the writer lots of lead time
  2. Provide your CV and perhaps remind them of some times you were awesome
  3. Tell them where to send the letter (MSIH office) and include an email address or envelope
  4. Waive your right to see the letter. This is required by ERAS for residency applications.
  5. Give the writer gentle ongoing reminders if the letter doesn't make it in a timely fashion. After a month, let the faculty know and they'll help you with this part.
  6. Remember that you can get letters written in Hebrew and have them translated by the faculty if language is a challenge