Being sick is no fun, and being in a foreign country when you’re sick usually doesn’t help. However, Israel has excellent health care on a similar level to many European countries. Once you get used to it, you may be pleased with how easy it is to get a rapid appointment or even a house call, to have zero copay, and to easily get free prescriptions.

Most students opt for Clalit as their healthcare service (Hebrew: kupat holim).

To make an appointment with a primary care physician, call the clinic directly (List of Clalit clinics).

To make an appointment with a specialist, call the Clalit center at 08-629-2727. You'll be prompted for your Clalit number followed by the # key before being connected with a representative. Call center is open Sun-Thurs, 7 am- 7 pm and Friday 7am- 12pm. The specialist center is located at 1 Henrietta Szold.

To request a home visit (Heb. bikur rofe), call 1-800-260-660 (or *6101). A doctor will arrive in 2-3 hours for a house call. This is the best way to get urgent care on Shabbat, at night, or if you're simply too sick to leave the house. Bikur rofe physicians can give you a referral to the emergency room.

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