Women’s Health: While most specialists require a referral from a family doctor, gynecologic visits do not. You can make an appointment with a gynecologist directly by calling 08-629-2700. (You will need the number from your insurance card.) The women’s clinic is located in Gimel right by the Leonardo Hotel. You can visit the clinic for all concerns - general check-ups or questions, suspicion of infection, pap smears, birth control, etc. Every gynecologist also has an ultrasound. Gynecologic visits and testing are completely covered by insurance, but pap smears are not covered by insurance for those under 25 years of age. Gardasil is not covered at all.

There is a special emergency room at the hospital for gynecologic emergencies. Entering through the gate to the hospital on Arlozorov, it is directly ahead. You can go there for gynecologic emergencies, including pregnancy-related emergencies, severe lower abdominal pain, sudden bleeding or discharge, etc.

Contraception and STI prevention: Birth Control (pills, nuva ring) can be obtained either by visiting your regular doctor or by visiting the gynecologist. You may or may not be able to find the same brand in Israel that you use in the US, especially for birth control pills. Minesse is a common brand of pill found here; there is also a cheap Israeli generic called Flame. There are 3 brands that are covered by Clalit health insurance, but Minesse (57 NIS) is not one of them, and you’ll need to pay out of pocket. Plan B (the morning after pill) can be purchased over-the-counter at pharmacies for ~150 NIS. You can also obtain birth control before you leave from Planned Parenthood which will sell you 12 months of birth control if you explain that you will be living abroad for the year.
Condoms can be purchased at several locations: for the biggest selection, head to SuperPharm or New-Pharm. You can also find them at the Akademon and sometimes at small corner stores. Condoms are also sometimes given away at university functions. One place you are not likely to find them is the supermarket.

STI checks: You can get tested for STIs at your regular doctor, and even at the student clinic on campus (in the student center). STI testing is completely covered by insurance. HIV results take two weeks, the others are quicker.
Note that you will get two tests of completely undetermined significance: M hominis and Ureaplasma parvum. Almost everyone has these critters, and no one has any idea if they are of any consequence whatsoever.