Eight-week elective clerkships in Global Health
The Global Health (GH) Clerkship takes place in a developing country during the fourth year from mid-January to mid-March. Rotations take place in locations such as India, Nepal, Israel, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Ethiopia, Mexico, Peru, and Uganda. Special arrangements at a site in Kentucky are available to students who cannot travel to such countries due to health issues, pregnancy or having small children.

The goal of the GH Clerkship is to learn how to promote health and provide good medical care, with limited resources, in a developing country. This exposure allows for the practical application of theoretical knowledge acquired during the previous three and a half years of study, to different cultural and ethnic groups while working under varied conditions affected by the economics, traditions, religious beliefs, limited resources and geography of the site.

Note: Every student on global health clerkship is required to write a weekly blog post on a private blog platform including MSIH students from 4th year, CU students sharing the international or Israeli rotations, and MSIH staff.

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