The liaisons will arrange an apartment for you to sublet from a second or third year student while you search for permanent housing. Many of your lease contracts won’t begin until September 1st, because this is when the Israeli students start their semester. For this reason, you may not be able to leave your sublet until the end of August. All MSIH students have been through this house hunting ritual and understand if you still need more time, but please be flexible during the transition period (e.g., ready to sleep on couches or air mattress if you’re not moved out). Find out when your sublessor(s) will be returning so you can coordinate with them or with the liaisons about housing upon their return. Don’t worry – you won’t be homeless! People are very nice and we will accommodate you.

Searching for a place to live is challenging, and there are a number of factors to balance when choosing your new desert home. However, we have systems in place to make this easier on you. The liaisons will arrange several tours of available apartments in each neighborhood. This is a great way to get to know Beersheva, and to get a sense for the features and relative costs of typical apartments in each area. The liaisons are truly invaluable in this process and will call landlords, arrange apartment showings, and check over your lease contract. Another resource that has been helpful to students searching for apartments is a spreadsheet maintained by MSIH students. The spreadsheet lists apartments that are going to become available when students move back to their home countries, or occasionally when students decide to change apartments for whatever reason. These are convenient because it is easy to ask questions, and sometimes you get good deals on furniture and household items they are leaving behind.