The Emergency Room (Hebrew: Hedar Miyun) should be used for the following emergencies:

  1. Wound that needs stitches, staples, or glue to close
  2. Aspiration of a foreign body into the lungs
  3. A new fracture
  4. Dislocation of a joint
  5. Penetrating foreign body in the eye
  6. Snake bite
  7. Something that will need hospitalization for at least 24 hours

If your issue is not one of these, you may be charged around 750 NIS if you don't have a referral from your family doctor, house-call doctor, or night clinic doctor. If possible, call Gaby first.

Pro tip: The number is 101 for an ambulance, or you can call 112 to call an ambulance in English

Pro tip: Keep your health insurance card with you at all times! It will significantly expedite things when you get to the hospital in an emergency.


  • Pregnant women can go to the women’s ER after 7 for no fee.
  • There is also a special emergency room at the hospital for gynecologic emergencies. Entering through the gate to the hospital on Arlozorov, it is directly ahead. You can go there for gynecologic emergencies, including pregnancy-related emergencies, severe lower abdominal pain, sudden bleeding or discharge, etc.

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