This list evolves every year! Do your homework to find current policies!

  1. NYU is affiliated with Sackler, so they usually don't take MSIH students
  2. NYU Lagone is a DO program
  3. University of Vermont
  4. Temple University School of Medicine (Philadelphia)
  5. University of Missouri Kansas City
  6. Duke University (North Carolina)
  7. University of Connecticut
  8. Tufts University (Maine) (except Baystate program, see below)
  9. New york medical college
    • Patterson NJ program is out but the NY metropolitan program might be possible
  10. Albany medical college
  11. University of Maryland
  12. University of Rochester
  13. University of Pittsburgh
  14. Dartmouth
  15. Drexel
  16. Washington University
  17. University of Michigan
  18. University of Cincinnati
  19. NYMC Westchester
  20. Dartmouth's Giesel SoM
  21. Case Western Reserve University
  22. Einstein in Philadelphia
  23. Wake Forest - only if you have a faculty sponsor