Where to rent a car:
Budget Rental - (2 Sadna), hours: 8:00-18:00 Sun-Thurs, 8:00-14:00 Fri). Rental costs are as low as $22 per day. Usually the cheapest. www.budget.com or www.budget.co.il Note: mandatory insurance (see below) may not be reflected in the internet quote. Also near Hertz and Avis.
Eldan: Leonard Cohen St, off Shazar.
Sixt car rental has gotten mixed reviews. Off Shazar/Hevron near the BIG.
Avis is a bit farther away and more expensive, but maybe worth getting a quote. Location: 2 Amal St, ~1km east of the BIG on Derech Hevron
Perfect Rent - 110 NIS/day including insurance. Special MSIH deal available. 08-947-8436

Rental Policies & suggestions:
Insurance is MANDATORY by law, and you can’t decline it even if you have your own.
The auto rental insurance that comes with most credit cards is NOT VALID IN ISRAEL, so don’t depend on it. This is true for Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, and probably others too.
Kilometers: For one- or two-day rentals, limited to 200km or 250km per day. For three-day or longer rentals, unlimited km. Always check your agreement before leaving!
If you are traveling with a friend visiting from abroad, it is cheaper to put the car under their name and add yourself as a driver since our A-2 student visa does not make us eligible for tax-exempt status.
Renting from or dropping off a car at the airport will add an extra $27.50 (airport fee), but sometimes it is more than worth this expense if sharing rides, bringing lots of baggage, flying at odd hours, or flying on Shabbat.
Airport rental locations are open 24/7, while local Beer Sheva branches close at noon or 2pm on Friday and reopen Sunday at 8am. If you plan to drive to the airport on Shabbat, rent the day before.
Rental companies charge an extra administrative fee (50 NIS + tolls) for using Kvish 6.
*All drivers will need to present a valid license, passport, and credit card when renting.
*Never let anyone drive that is not covered in your insurance plan!