In Mercaz HaNegev on Mesada street:

  • Rozza - classic pub, lots of space for large parties, room for dancing, gets quite packed. Sometimes has a cover charge.
  • Rozzita (real name unknown) - right next to the Rozza there's a smaller, calmer bar that's new. Better for chatting and dates.
  • Irit - Irish themed pub, but none of the amazing Irish food you'd usually associate with an Irish pub.
  • Manga - Party hard and prepare to be picked up. Located on Rager, looks like a fishbowl.

City center and Old city:

  • Barbasaba - This bar carries the most extensive beer selection of any other location in Beersheva. They have pretty good food and an amazing covered seating patio. They also have a private room you can reserve for parties.
  • HaHalutz 33 - This place is a big dance floor with live DJs and a tiny bar.
  • Smilansky Tapas bar - An incredible tapas restaurant that becomes a pub by night. Their beer selection is spectacular.
  • Baraka - Large dance club, hosts some parties throughout the year like the ASRAN Halloween costume party. Because its sort of far away its best reached by cab.

Gimmel/near medical campus:

  • Coca - Restaurant pub near the medical campus. Brews their own microbrew in house (called Reissman). The consistency fluctuates, and the availability of different brews can change so you might ask for a sampler if you're not sure what to go for. The food is excellent, and they have a large projector for watching sports games. They also sell coffee beans.
  • Munchilla - This place is known for their hookah service. Cozy place, good atmosphere.


  • Goulda - across from the dorms, this pub has indoor and outdoor seating and a couple of surprising beers on their menu. Plus, there's a bakery right next door.
  • Benge - This is a classy bar, located next to hummus abu dabi.


  • Ashan HaZman - A small pub with good character. It hosts live music throughout the year. MSIH has hosted talent show fundraisers there in the past. They carry a few nice beers like Alexander.

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