Arnona is a municipal tax, billed every two months. The amount is based on the square meter size of the house or apartment you rent.

Arnona can be paid at the post office or at

The website accepts student ID numbers as your ID number (teidat zehuit), and you can pay with a foreign credit card.

How to get the arnona student discount
Students qualify for a 50% discount on arnona. To get the discount there's a process that can be done a couple of different ways.
Method 1: Every year, the arnona office comes to BGU to process student applications. You need to sign up for a time slot online, but you can get your lawyer statement signed and your paperwork filed relatively rapidly.
Method 2: The liaisons or someone you know may be able to find you a lawyer that will sign the statement that you do not work. Once you have this statement, you can go directly to the arnona office (Hadassa 78) to apply for the discount.

Things you'll need

  • Form to request the arnona discount (download here)
  • photocopy of your signed lease
  • copy of the landlord's ID (called a sefach in Hebrew)
  • photocopy of passports of all the students living in the house
  • study approval for this school year and printed copy of your class schedule (Gaby will send you these)
  • a statement signed by a lawyer that certifies that you do not work

More questions? Check out the BGU website on arnona: