The MSIH Alumni Association is building up a social and professional network that we hope will serve you all as students, and later as physician alumni. We have laid out a clearly defined Mission and Vision, a guiding set of Core Values, and Policy & Procedures that define how we operate. We have also elected an Alumni Council to ensure the organization succeeds in meeting these ambitious goals.

The Student Mentorship Program matches up alumni with a first or second year student based on a variety of factors (specialty interest and geography among others). We expect these pairings to lead to long term, mutually beneficial relationships that allow students to glean personal and professional guidance
from a physician they trust and who understands the unique MSIH experience.

The Residency Advising Program is less formal, but extends alumni website membership to rising fourth year students. Your c/o 2014 colleagues are already up and active on the site, requesting (and receiving!) information on specialties, residency programs, electives, and insights regarding interviews.